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Nailing the Bohemian Style Home

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Nailing the Bohemian Style Home

Want to channel your inner boho chic through home décor? Keep on reading to know the ways to nail a bohemian style home!

Bohemian décor has evolved a lot throughout the decades and we know for a fact that it will never go out of trend. It is at its peak right now as the number of people switching their home style to boho is higher than ever. If you are more into cozy atmospheres and the lived-in vibe of interiors, boho decor might be for you. Let’s break down the steps to nail boho style to help you pull it off!

What Is Bohemian Style?

The term 'bohemian' implies to someone who is culturally eccentric and free-spirited. Boho aesthetic is all about embracing colors, and cultures, and being quirky when it comes to style and fashion. It tends to be more personal and relaxed, unlike all the decors out there.

There’s no fixed rules or structure associated with boho style and this is what makes it unique. You can come up with your own rules and experiment with patterns and colors to get the boho vibe you’re missing out on. If you'd like a decor you can make on your own, boho is the way to go.

Bohemian Colors

The use of vibrant colors is a defining feature of a bohemian style home. Since there is no such thing as "standard" color in boho decor, you shouldn’t be afraid to use colors that conventionally don't go together. That being said, you can go for either a bold or a clean look or mix and match to create something new.

If you are in doubt, starting with a neutral hue would be a smart move. If done right, neural colors accentuate the best bits of your room and add that extra zing to make it cozy. You can also add some wild colors to a neutral base scheme for an incredibly chic look.

Bright paints really help to add vibrancy and happiness to your space. An accent wall is a cool way to introduce a pop of colors. Be it azure blue, turquoise green, or saturated pink, blending, and layering colors will bring the best out of your room.

Patterns also play a major role in boho decors. It's no secret that the artistic flair of the boho style comes from different regions and cultures. If you aren’t sure where to start with global patterns, pick an overarching color palate that piques your interest and mix it all up.  A pattern rich in colors and traditions will add a sense of exoticism to your space without having it look cliché.


Decorative Materials

Unique decorative materials followed by vibrant colors and patterns will take your décor a notch higher. When it comes to anything boho, maximalism is the key. It is all about showcasing artifacts that tell a story or inject your personality. To make it diverse and global you can always put acquired items from your travel on display. You can also buy things that speak to you and make you feel good about yourself.

Things that you enjoy looking at will bring texture to space and help you get all cozied up. Throw pillows, chunky knits, macrame wall hangings, anything that feels cozy, helps create a bohemian style home. Even layering out cozy rugs comes in handy in this case. Especially vintage jute and Moroccan rugs add the global eclectic feels to the room that boho style aims for.



Bohemian Furniture

Dark furniture tends to be quite heavy and that's why in a boho setting it's wise to go for light wood types of furniture. Light wood sets a much better backdrop for all the colors and patterns you are incorporating into your room. If you are after creating a statement, add furniture painted in dazzling bright colors. Whether it’s a bright yellow door or a vivid pink chair, bright colored furniture adds a pop of interest to the room.

In boho, you can never go wrong with furniture that seems to have a personal history to it. If you want to add character to your space, throw in some vintage furniture. You can also look to seek items that are a bit worn. As they’re worn, they tell stories and that’s really what a bohemian style home is all about. When it comes to buying vintage furniture, nothing can beat the thrift shop and flea market finds. Not only does it bring a sense of liveliness to the room, but it is a bang for your buck too. You can also visit your local antique stores and randomly choose items that feel right to you.

One major keynote of boho décor is creating an inviting and relaxing environment. Low-level seating will help you with that. Adding floor pillows, ottomans, and even a lower bed and coffee table will invite people to sit on it and stay for a while. Make sure to scatter your room with plush cushions to create extra space for sitting and lounging.



A decent piece of lighting can complement any décor and boho themed décor is no expectation. As mentioned earlier, boho décor deals with earthy neutrals and warm tones to make the room look brighter. If you want a bohemian style home, consider investing in boho lights. Ambient lighting warms up the whole place and complements the relaxing lived-in vibe in the most elegant way. Bohemian lights also embody a cluster of illumination that adds a laid-back boho vibe to your time.

As boho lights come in a variety of shapes and colors, you wouldn't want to stick to just overhead light. If not many, try getting your hands on at least a few different lights and mix in to create something unique.

If you are all about bringing sophistication to your room, then a hand-woven light will suit your fancy. Just take your regular hanging light and wrap it up with cotton ropes, if you don't have a budget to splurge. DIY swirling metal wire patterns and handwoven feather clad lamps also work great for an instant boho look.

If you are in search of more affordable and easy ways to usher in boho lights, count on a bamboo light instead. A giant bamboo light is capable of doing the job of bringing a laid-back boho-chic vibe on its own. 


Bohemian Accessories

Boho décor celebrates everything related to art and brings visual aesthetics into life. Cool and funky accessories with creative twists add more vivacity to the place. You can always go thrift shopping to get vintage art pieces that'll brighten up the whole room and infuse character to it. However, if thrifted paintings are not for you, don't shy away from grabbing your painting tools to channel your inner Picasso. You can add a splash of colors to your walls, furniture, or even accessories for a warm and bright chic vibe.

Try buying things that spark joy and happiness. You’ll have tons of options to choose from. Decorative baskets, beads, stones, leather laces, dream catchers, the list goes on and on. You can also whip out dusty antique pieces and heirlooms from the attic and put them on display. Metallics, hanging fringe curtains, and mirrors will also help to add a hint of glamour to your place, creating a fabulous bohemian style home.

A nice smelling home really does wonders for the way you and others will feel when they’re in your home. Smelling something beautiful also makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Be it wax melts, essential oils, scented candles, or just randomly spraying perfume around the house, a nice smelling room is going to help you get the boho groove going. 



You can never go wrong with plants in the boho home style. Any boho room ideas you stumble upon on Instagram or Pinterest are going to have plants. Plants add a jungly vibe to any room and instantly freshen it up. Whether they are potted or hanging, you would definitely want to incorporate plants into your home. Another great thing about adding a lot of plants is, they purify the air and create an overall healthy atmosphere. Unlike other accessories, they won't mess up with the rest of your décor and turn the room into a natural heaven.

Cacti, monstera, dragon ivy are some plants that are really popular for starting out in boho settings. If you live in the right climate and have the right temperature in your place, go for tropical plants. Even fake plants can complete the look you are trying to achieve. You can always get crafty with your plants to bring texture into your room. You can grow small plants on your walls, centerpieces, or even decorative plates to elevate your bohemian style home.

Bottom Line

To wrap it all up, we hope this write-up will come in handy to help you get started and master the art of creating a  bohemian style home.

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