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Helpful Tips and Tricks to Seamlessly Incorporate Boho Style into Your Décor

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Helpful Tips and Tricks to Seamlessly Incorporate Boho Style into Your Décor

Bohemian style interior design is all the rage right now. However, if you don’t know how to use that boho style in your favor, your house could look a shabby mess!

Yes, we’re all aware of how the internet is one fire these days just talking about bohemian interior design. Just scroll through your Instagram feeds or look into those well-planned Pinterest boards and you’ll know why. Bohemian interior focuses on unleashing the free-spirited animal within; unloading buckets of colors, arrays of patterns and textures to create the ultimate unique and relaxed aesthetic. Put your mind at ease and keep reading to learn more about the best tips for boho style in your décor.

What Bohemian Interior Design is All About

From just looking at pictures, you might think that this aesthetic is easily achievable. Simply throw down a fuzzy rug, place some elegant wicker furniture and place an overwhelming amount of pillows on them. Yes, this would be a reasonable place to start.

The key thing to remember about boho style interior is that there are very few boundaries – a wide horizon just waiting to be explored. Think outside the box and choose colors outside the line; you’re very much encouraged. Without focusing on strict rules and color palettes, bohemian interior introduces a random mix of colors that bumble with personality.

Still, creating the perfect bohemian require a certain level of artistic inspiration. At the core of achieving that perfect boho interior design lies better understanding of the roots of this style. Bohémien, a French word refers to gypsies who originated from Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Slowly, it evolved into the style we know today after the inclusion of writers, artists, musicians, often poor, who live a lifestyle like these nomads. After a surge of popularity in the 60s and 60s, in today’s time bohemian is usually used as an adjective that defines unconventional, carefree, traveled, and natural. When brought into the huge world of interior, it adopts elements like vintage elements, layered textures, and natural finishes.

In essence, boho style interior is a rule bender, but there are basic themes, or “templates” if you’d call them that you can use as guides. Whether you’re aiming for an entire boho revamp or wanting to incorporate bits and pieces of the style into your general interior design style, refer to this as your guide on your journey to creating a perfectly seamless bohemian interior.

1.     Get creative with the layering and mixing

Combinations are a big part of bohemian interior. In contrast to minimalist style, bohemian interior is unapologetically immersed in combining finishes and layering bits of décor like art, textiles, and accents. Bohemian interior is just a super playful idea in general, so it mixes style with a casual vibe.

Layering patterns is an easy and achievable technique you can use to fuse boho style into your place. Contrasting patterns are something you can never go wrong with in this particular case. While many might have counted as senseless layering a few decades back has become a symbol of creativity and vibrancy.

Textiles like throws, rugs, and cushions are interesting to mix and match using various shapes, patterns, and scales. If you’re craving that consistency, consider a color theme. This goes equally well with art. Let’s be honest: You can never have enough paintings or prints.

2.     Don’t be afraid to use bold color stories

Don’t think that just because bohemian interior loves its vintage it can’t appreciate some bold colors and patterns. Jewel tones like ruby red, amethyst purple, and emerald green deserve a mention in the list of shades you’ll see in any classic bohemian inspired interior. Deeper hues on walls plus the daring colors give an instant luxurious view.

Not the colorful kind? No issue! White walls complement bohemian interior great too. Global textiles like Berber pieces and Suzanis offer an impressive splash of colors and unique patterns in the shape of diamonds, medallions, and stripes.

And you cannot not about rugs when talking about bohemian interior, shag or high pile as they provide a more comfy footing.

3.     Trinkets that tell stories are your friends

Boho interior brings tales of the nomadic lifestyle and everything the gypsies experienced on their one-of-a-kind lives. Books, art, sculptures, lamps, pillows, all go into giving the boho space a cozy feel. Not only that, but they’re also great conversation starters.

Wandering where to start? Have any family heirlooms you could proudly display? Or some handcrafted pieces or memoirs? Forget being light and fill up any available physical space in your boho interior.

There’s no correct number for this ornament, no correct place for that one decoration; things don’t need to match! Play around with clustering and positioning. This is your chance; express yourself but on a shelf.

4.     Bohemian interior embraces botanical elements

Without plants, bohemian interior is incomplete – and that’s a fact! They bring the beautiful natural world indoors alongside filling your space with purified air. Plus, the green really complements almost every other color story, textures, and layers. Who can deny that plants and wicker furniture are a match made in heaven? The presence of greenery uplifts the mood of the room, reminding us of the wonders of the great outdoors even when we’re restricted inside the four brick walls.

For the most part, there isn’t any rule to placing plants in your boho space. Succulents varying in textures and shapes are very flexible and provide that much desired sculptural artsy vibe to the room. Dracaenas and snake plants are super easy to take care of and purify air. To add to the visual interest, add levels to the plant stands. How about a cascading height of spider plant that snakes along the wall shelves or top shelves of the cabinets?

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with plants in bohemian interior.

5.     Opt for natural and handmade

Artists are an important part of the bohemian style storyline, so inspired by them, handmade items have grown into a prominent part of this style of décor. Unique creations, if we had to be more specific. You could discover these elements in sculptures, paintings, and wall hangings. The best part is that these handmade décors support local artisans and small business owners! Etsy is a safe and good platform to look for those boho handmade pillows.

Alongside handmade goods, natural elements are boho favorites. Wood might be the most important. Why? Wood naturally brings some warmth and comfort into the furniture, and that’s what bohemian interior is all about. A rustic wood headboard or a handwoven lamp beside the couch could be the defining bits if your boho fashion. Then came wicker! An ornate themed textured for your boho space, wicker divider screens and side tables act like spritzes of bohemian fashion in your home.

6.     How about some embellishments?

Gypsy style brings tassels, beads, canopies, fringes, and sequined fabrics into the picture. The perfect adornments could be the deciding factor between an average boho inspired home and an Instagram-ready bohemian interior that leaves people in awe. These decorative embellishments will set you apart from the rest, and this is the best time to let your creative (and impulsive) juices flow with a goal to tie all the elements together in an effortless way.

Open your spontaneous side. Pick out random bits that elevate the bohemian design you’re aiming for. Regardless of your goal being a more European or Western boho, ensure you’re not skimming out on those overstatements. Feathers, dreamcatchers, travel trinkets, bejeweled or wicker frames, lace, and any other natural collection are smaller items, but when thrown together, create look that radiates harmony in a playful manner.

Go big or go home! Think large patterned wallpapers, an oversized pendant lamp, or maybe even a giant cactus.

7.     Give it that vintage flair

The easiest for the last. One of the simplest ways to instantly add that touch of boho in your space is by contrasting the new and the old. Vintage pieces are the flagbearers of soulful elements for any décor, and even more so for bohemian interior. They bring soul and history.

If you’re feeling perky, try placing them next to modern pieces to make everything shine in its own light. A sleek, simplistic sofa that has a fringed throw draped around it says, “I’m elegant but I know how to have fun!” Throw out the conception that everything needs to be matchy-matchy.

Antiques, vintage shops, and consignments carry selections of older pieces. You can also check out your local garage or estate sale to spot these extraordinary pieces.

Bottom Line

After this guide, we hope you’re well prepared to conquer the world of bohemian interior. We think that the primary reason this style gained so much appreciation was that it had no binding set of rules, so never restrict yourself. Explore and you’ll land up with an interior that captures eyes and hearts equally.

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