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Boho Chic Bedrooms – 10 Examples

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Boho Chic Bedrooms – 10 Examples

Want to bring a bold twist to your bedroom design? These boho chic bedroom ideas are right what you’re looking for.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to style. The modern, minimalist design may seem boring to some, while others may find unconventional, eclectic design too overwhelming. These days the word boho is used to define anything unorthodox or eclectic. Basically, boho is the shorthand for the French word bohemian. There was a group of people called gypsies who led an eclectic and unorthodox way of life. They arrived from the region of Bohemia.

The word later is for anyone who leads a lifestyle of a nomad. To them, art and creativity was more important than materialistic goals. Bohemian style was introduced by the artists during the 19th century in France. By taking inspiration from various cultures and other unconventional ideas, they developed this art style.

Boho chic is a type of fashion style that took inspiration from bohemian and hippie sources. It started to get popular during the mid-19th century.  The modern boho chic design mainly focuses on ethnic and vintage elements from various cultures. An ideal boho chic home décor is a combination bold colors and textures, unconventional design, eclectic mix of various accessories and most importantly your imagination. A boho chic bedroom should follow the same philosophy.

You will see tons of beautiful boho bedrooms on the internet. But, with so many options to choose to from, finding the style that will be best fit for your bedrooms can be difficult. Don’t worry! We’re going to give you some great boho chic bedroom examples also some tips and ideas to accentuate those boho chic features.

What Do You Need in a Boho Chic Bedroom

Before discussing those awesome boho chic style bedrooms, you need to keep in mind about these things in order to create the perfect boho bedroom.

Wall Color

Boho style doesn’t have any cut and dry rules. You can basically use any color you want to paint your walls. But, we would suggest to use white or white with a bit warm undertone as it contrasts well with wooden materials and other accessories with bright and rich colors. But, if you’re not into white walls, you can try accent wall with sapphire or emerald color tones or even removable wall papers.


Wood and rattan made bedroom are ideal for boho décor.  Try to go for natural looking shapes like curved wood and light-colored wood frames.  It will be golden if you can find antique/vintage brass bedframes. It goes so well with the boho bedroom aesthetic. You will probably see low profile beds in some bedrooms, it’s not uncommon.

Bedding and Pillows

Boho bedding should have a ruffed, undone look. You can get that look by just using a simple duvet cover. Since linen duvet will easily wrinkle, it is a very good choice. Tasseled bedding has a boho vibe to it, which is why it is often used in boho bedrooms. Use large sized beddings so that it spills over the edges of the bed. It gives off a cozier and inviting look.

You can throw in a lot of big, soft and comfy pillows in your bed. The best pillows can match the duvets but try to get accent colored ones for the throw pillows.


Boho bedrooms are never complete without a rug. Persian and Moroccan rugs are the best to give the boho look. You can stop right here but layering your rugs will add another dimension to the boho bedroom décor.

Now look into these top notch boho bedrooms. You won’t be disappointed!

10. French Country Boho

The beautiful bedroom is designed by French Country Cottage. It’s ornated with vintage linens in white shades. The bedroom features an antique French chair, a bench at the end of the bed. The walls and ceilings have white painting, and the curtains are also white colored (airy white). The couple of straw hats over the bedroom act as a headboard for the bed. Prevalence of white and other mild colors creates a soothing experience. This country inspired boho bedroom will instantly put you in a romantic mood.

9. Scandi Boho

This exotic bedroom from El Ramla Hamra will leave a lasting impression on anyone stepping into the room. The Saudi-Moroccan boho influenced bedroom features monochromatic textiles, a Beni Ourian rug, wedding blanket, Moroccan pompom and even a makeshift canopy. The all-white bed is so inviting that you will immediately want to dive straight into it. Its soaring ceilings and airy proportions set it apart from the rest.

8. Cottage Boho

Mindy Gayer Design Co. gave a unique boho twist to the standard cottage home design. The bedding with soft shades of blue and white, tall slanted ceilings, with white painted wooden ceiling beams make it perfect for lazy mornings and afternoon naps. The bedroom also features a vintage rug, woven window shade and a rustic corner stool. The cottage boho bedroom gives off a cozy, soothing vibe which makes you fall in asleep easily.

7. Moroccan Boho

This El Ramla Hamra designed boho bedroom is especially designed for children. It features a vintage iron bed frame, beautifully crafted Moroccan textiles including the wedding blanket that is hung on the wall. There is also a multi-colored textural rug on the floor. El Ramla Hamra is renowned for their Moroccan and Moroccan inspired products. This boho bedroom is no exception. Its charming and spirited appearance makes it a perfect choice for children.

6. Simply Bohemian

The Turquoise + Tobacco’s boho bedroom is a minimalist take on the boho chic style. The medium toned wooden furniture acts a nice contrast with its immaculate white walls and curtains. The bedroom features a throwback wall hanging made of macrame, cognac leather Moroccan pouf and a pair of classic wooden side tables with plants. It is as simple as it gets when it comes to boho chic bedrooms.

5. Colorful Kids Boho

This beautiful boho bedroom by Mindy Gayer Design Co. is another fine addition to bedrooms designed specifically for children. Its white paint on the walls with its matching crisp white bed and white colored wooden paneled ceiling give off a fresh and airy vibe. The elegant bed has four posters with vintage curves. The blend of bright colors and pretty patterns, vintage rattan chair and the colorful wall art makes it attractive to children.

4. Vintage Camper Boho

The boho bedroom from Turquoise + Tobacco can be the perfect getaway for your relaxation. This stylish vintage camper has clean white walls which contrast smoothy with the mid toned wooden floors. It is beautifully layered with soft mild colored textiles: linens with a mixture of navy and white stripes, intricately embroidered Moroccan pillows, a blanket made of wool, a hand woven basket, leather made jumble, and hand woven bags and straw hats hung up on the wall. The bedroom overall creates a chilled, laid back atmosphere.

3. Black and White Boho

This boho bedroom by K Shan Design stands out for it predominantly black and white features. This black and white color scheme gives a shiny look. The bedroom features black and white colored textiles with a mixture of different patterns. The rust-colored pillow amidst the black and white textiles will catch everyone’s eye. It is also accessorized with a vintage wicker lamp and an eccentric arrow hung on the wall just above the bed. This warm and relaxing boho chic style gives off a welcoming vibe. As a result, the guests feel right at home.

2. Boho Rattan

This boho bedroom is K Shan Design’s another fine addition. The large, unconventional vintage rattan hardboard will catch the visitors off guard. It features a diverse collection of a polished brass reading lamp, flea market art, and an old school side table. The simple layered bedding gives the bed a cozy and comfy feel. The bedrooms eclectic design makes it one of the best options out there if you’re looking for a boho chic bedroom.

1. French Bohemian

This simple boho bedroom by French By Design is truly cream of the crop. It features a shaggy rug, stripped linen pillow cases, a gloss silk pink pillow and a vintage kantha throw. The fusion of vibrant colors and vintage, exotic elements evoke nostalgia and creates an inviting atmosphere. This is boho chic bedroom at its finest.


The important thing to remember when it comes to decorating your room it should always match with your personality and personal style. This is also part of the boho philosophy. So, don’t hesitate to add anything that feels right or something like a family heirloom that has a personal story to it. A bedroom is a very personal space. It should just not be aesthetically pleasing but also very be comfortable and cozy. Its main function is to sleep after all. All the boho bedrooms we’ve included are fine examples. You can choose the one which is the best fit for you. You can even mix it up and experiment with these designs. 

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