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Bohemian Style Made Simple for Your Home

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Bohemian Style Made Simple for Your Home

Do you want to have more bold, colorful, and funky design for your home interior? Then bohemian home décor is what you’re looking for. Most of the materials required for this interior can be handmade or are super affordable.

Bohemian home décor has become a hot trend in recent years. From Instagram to Pinterest, you probably have come across bohemian designs at one place or another. It’s a blend of rich colors, patterns and designs. They’re inspired from various cultures of the world and will surely catch anyone’s attention. But what actually is bohemian style?

The word bohemian has been derived from the French expression “La Boheme” which means gypsy. There was a significant gypsy population in the Bohemia region of Czech Republic. It is thought that the people in Bohemia brought about this style. They led a unique lifestyle with unorthodox solutions to the problems people used to face in their daily life. But these days, Bohemian is widely used to describe the lifestyle of hippies and counter culturists because of their free spirited and unconventional way of life.

Bohemian interior design actually took off by the artists during 19th century Paris, France. These people believed that creativity is more important than making money. By blending styles from different cultures and introducing nontraditional ideas, they developed a new design trend. Their goal was to toss out conventional beauty standards and embrace bold, eclectic, and innovative ideas.

Now that you’ve got an idea what bohemian interior is, we’re going to share our tip and ideas so that you can try these in your home.

Bohemian Style Interior

The most prominent trait of this style is its mélange of patterns, textures, and colors from different cultures around the world which is embedded in the interior. Bohemian interior style is anything but minimal. If you like your rooms perfectly arranged where everything is kept in certain order and if you don’t prefer too many colors, then bohemian home décor is not for you. But, if want your rooms to look lively, unconventional with full of unpredictable and colorful materials, then go for it.

Bohemian home décor will give your room a cozy, carefree atmosphere. Though your rooms will have some similarities, each room will have its distinct design.

At first glance, it may seem that bohemian home décor is just about adding bright colors and putting random stuff that goes with the feel. But, it’s not that easy to achieve this eclectic aesthetic in your room. To help you to give your rooms the boho look, these are some ideas and tips you can follow. Note that not all of these ideas will suit your room. But, the cool part about bohemian home décor is that it’s very flexible and customizable.

Bohemian Colors and Textures

Earthy warm and rich colors are prevalent in bohemian decorating. Feel free to also use metallics and jewel tones. Colors like deep brown, green and gray for the base can be complemented by electric blue, fire red orange, and deep purple. The secret lies in blending these colors in the right proportion. Don’t hesitate to mix a lot of different mixtures and textures.

This unconventional and unique pattern is one of the features that set it apart from the rest. Dyed textiles and patterns from Cambodia, Suzani from Central Asia and other parts of the world will add an exotic vibe to your décor. Remember that saturated colors play an important part to the bohemian home décor. It contrasts smoothly with the richer tones to create a harmonic and soothing atmosphere for your décor.

Using only bright and rich colors may be overwhelming for some. It might even seem a bit chaotic if this is your first time using this décor. To solve this, you can hang tapestries and rugs on the wall to add another layer of texture to your bohemian home décor.

Bohemian Decorative Materials

Use your imagination to come with unique and creative ideas. The way is to mix and match to your liking. You can use natural materials like burlap and sisal to mix it up with silk and chenille. There you go! You have a cool design. Don’t use brand new or shiny materials, use slightly worn out ones instead. You can use pillows, rugs and curtains with fringes and crochets on them. These features also add to the bohemian aesthetic and give your rooms a rustic feel. But, never try to use damaged materials.

Bohemian Furniture

You’re not going to find this furniture at home. Second-hand or vintage items are the perfect fit. The size and shape of the furniture is not that important. But, make sure that your preferred furniture has a certain charm and tells its own story. You can always go with Victorian item, if you’re not certain which type of furniture you should use. Its old school design has a bohemian feel to it. Besides fainting couches and chaises with saturated colors, dark wooden frames are the type of pieces you should go for.

The bohemian home décor is all about creating a laid back, relaxed vibe. Low-sitting furniture is the perfect fit for it. Low-backed sofas, floor pillows, leather poufs, throw cushions, soft ottomans, and bean bag chairs are some comfortable low-lying furniture options you can have.


Rugs are an important feature of the bohemian home décor. You can go with a simple rug or use overlapped, layered rugs for more texture and color. It also gives you comfort and a soft underfoot. High pile or shag, south-western style and ornate Persian style rugs can be great options for bohemian style home décor.

Bohemian Lighting

We can’t stress enough about the importance of lighting in bohemian home décor. Lanterns, lamps, candles, floor and table lamps; you can use anything. Ambient, low-lighting in your room gives off a cozy and welcoming vibe which goes so well with the bohemian aesthetic. You can find lamps and other light sources of different shapes and sizes in various design markets. You can mix and match different light sources, the way it works best for your rooms.


You can never have too many plants in a boho inspired room. Plants give off a vibrant, natural vibe while adding a different dimension to your room. Plants also improve air quality and add earthier and greener color that suits with the bohemian aesthetic. Philodendron and peace lilies can tolerate a variety of temperature and light levels which makes it suitable to keep in rooms.

You can also use green succulents that come in a myriad range of colors and textures. These plants are easy to maintain, takes little sunlight and watering. Try to be imaginative with how you present these plants. Tall plants like palm and snake plants can be put in the floors.

If you want more of a ‘jungle’ vibe, use more leafy plants. On the other hand, cactus plants will give you a desert aesthetic. Using colorful plants, plant stands or even hand-woven hanging baskets adds a different dimension to your room. Inclusion of different varieties of plants can connect your room with nature and bring your bohemian home décor to life.


Aesthetic accessories not only should elevate the beauty of your rooms, but also have inspirations from different cultures. It can give off an impression that you’ve travelled a lot and well informed about foreign culture. Accessories like tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, trinkets, etc. can be used in the rooms. You can use just about anything but that should fit in with the bohemian aesthetic.

The overall style should be unorthodox and eclectic. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit glamourous or not. So, don’t hesitate to use gold framed mirrors or ornated chandeliers. Using personal items like family heirlooms and such that shares your personal are important part of the bohemian philosophy. The most important part is that whatever you use it should feel right with you.


A home that smells well can leave a lasting impression on the visitors. Since perfume is so subjective, it can be tricky to suggest one particular scent. Scented candles, incense, essentials oils are great choices that can give the scent you want in your rooms. You can even burn ingredients and aromatic spices in your room in your stove. Incorporate with these scents, mix it up and find which ones suits with your rooms.

Boho Shopping Sources

You may be wondering where you can find such exotic and vintage items and accessories required for bohemian home décor. This is the list of the shopping sources for Bohemian décor. You can find high-quality accessories from these places.

  • The citizenry
  • Urban Outlifters
  • Zara Home
  • Etsy
  • Amazon


Bohemian home décor is all about big, bright and bold ideas. So, don’t be afraid to go all out from abstract painting to stunning photographs. Add anything if blends with the décor. Cut and dry rules of modern, minimalist design don’t apply here.

We hope that you’ve learnt the basics and can start designing on your own. Happy decorating!

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