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Bohemian Décor Essentials to Achieve a Boho Chic Style

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Bohemian Décor Essentials to Achieve a Boho Chic Style

If you’re a fan of fun colors, fabric and enjoy the free-spirit of art, then bohemian home décor is for you! Check out absolute boho necessities you need in your home!

A lover of arts, travel, vivid colors, bold patterns, and statement pieces will enjoy bohemian home decors to beautify their abodes. These days, it’s next to impossible to flip through the pages of a magazine without seeing layered and eclectic boho inspired décor people are setting in their houses. Heavily influenced by the 60s’ and 70s’ design, the bohemian fashion/home décor generally includes layered textiles, natural elements, colorful patterns, and an overall cozy and welcoming feel within the room. 

If you wish to give your house that bohemian vibe, there are some elements that should certainly be on your purchase list or plans. There are multiple ways to blend bohemian style décor into your space and today we’ll be going through some of the basics.

People in arts are a significant part of bohemian décor. It’s diverse by nature and doesn’t confirm to rules when boho style décor is concerned. “There’s nothing such as more,” is the typical approach for this aesthetic, and it is actually as extra as it sounds. However, the extra-ness only adds to chill and vibrant mood the room sets. Of course, these are simply suggestions. You can always put on your thinking hat and plan out the elements you want in your space to give it that “you” touch. Colors, patterns, textures, embellishments, and a ton of plants!

Bohemian Home Decor

Before we jump into the recommendations, let’s take a quick tour of the theme “bohemian furniture styles.” The goal is to produce a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for anyone that steps in, even if they’re the homeowner. Vintage and second-hand furniture is prized possessions, as a store-bought piece is way too generic! But there are a bunch of online shopping platforms holding an impressive array of vintage pieces that will elevate the look of the room. Etsy has been known to be the selling hotspot for such pieces alongside handmade furniture and crafts.

Multi-Tonal Prints

Bohemian style gives you the freedom to mix and match colors, textures and patterns. A bold Moroccan or Turkish overdyed rug fits the bill perfectly. Again, you can opt for both versions – a vintage inspired selection or something that has a more modern interpretation, but picking the best rug with just tie all the elements together and anchor the space.

RugsUSA houses some quality rugs that may tickly your fancy. You can also hit other physical stores and check these rugs out by yourself. Granted, vintage rugs do lean toward the expensive side, but mostly because the material is super luxurious – composing of high-quality wool, silk, and other organic produce.

A Statement Wall Hanging

Weaving and Macrame have stolen the spotlight for the time being, and fit like a glove in every other boho décor scheme. There are some great vintage pieces on eBay or Craigslist. Simply search “vintage macramé”, “60s’ wall hanging”, or similar phrases and feast your eyes on these intricate masterpieces.

The best part is, all these wall hangings have a story to tell. Maybe how they gained popularity, or the ones of their artisans, or maybe tales that track back decades. Always great conversation starter and you can be sure that every guest will eye this beautiful piece.

If you like the modern twists, Etsy provides a pool of talented artists that create mind-boggling pieces starting for eclectic fiber wall tapestries or tasseled pendant lamps.

Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors back in the days weren’t just a frame of glass mounted against the wall or inserted in a cupboard. Often times decorated by heavily decorated frames or bejeweled edges, these vintage mirrors really take the boho-aesthetic to a whole another level. A mirror with a unique shape, or something with interesting carvings or etchings makes it on the list of bohemian home décor must-have.

Brownie points if you can find one with shelves so you can display your other trinkets. Guests might not be able to take their eyes off this at all. Neither will you!

Urban Outfitters houses some woven wall mirrors that are the perfect embodiment of the description. Again, you could check out your local antique stores and pick up a mirror as they’re a more common commodity. Beware you don’t end up with a faux piece, thought! Mirrors can be placed individually, or smaller mirrors can be clustered.

Textured Linens

Vintage or vintage-inspired bedspreads, blankets, throws, and even bigger pieces of fabric are some incredible options to introduce additional warmth and texture to your space. Showcasing a larger variety of linens with offer you much flexibility as you’ll be able to switch things up in order to modify the look of the space.

Pieces like Kantha quilts are the stars here – with the different materials and textures used and sewn together to achieve a more collected look. You could use them like throws over the back of your chair or at the tail of the bed.

Hand-stitched Kantha blankets from Anthropolgie rarely disappoint. Shop around to select as there are levels of boho you could choose from.


The Bohemian aesthetic is truly incomplete without houseplants, specifically ones that remind of the good ol’ days of the 70s’, like succulents and ferns. On that note, terrariums are a good choice. They’ll fit in almost every other glass container, and you can easily DIY one.

There’s no fixed rule regarding the placement of these plants, but they do add that artsy, sculptural look you’d crave. Snake plants and dracaena don’t require an excessive amount of care and are some of the best plants for air purification. You want your indoors to be outdoor reminiscent. In woven, carved ceramic planters or terra-cotta are some more décor ideas to fill up the space.

Use levels with stands of plants to provide a refined look. Using spider or devil’s ivy, create a road cascading leaves that you can drape all over the tops of cabinets and wall shelves. Add a knotted macramé hanging planted to truly emphasize the boho chic magic.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker furniture has grown to become one of the more indispensable parts of bohemian home décor, and it’s understandable. The rustic yet delicate weaves are an ornate offering texture for the perfect boho space. If you’re not really ready for an entire boho revamp, how about trying to introduce elements by setting up wicker side tables alongside with one or two chairs.

If you’re feeling particularly whimsical, a hanging wicker chair will give you all those fantasy feels. Instead of ceramics, try wicker vases that add a bit more brown splashes to your space.

Rattan furniture is similar to wicker in nature, and will do fine in replacing it. It’s truly up to your personal preference.

Floor Cushions

You can’t say bohemian style décor without mentioning floor cushions. They’re one of the most quintessential elements of boho interior design. Promote conversation but also casual lounging with these cute and stylish cushions. These come in many sizes, from extra small to ones that are almost as big as sofa cushions.

Moroccan floor cushions are usually filled in every corner with colors and patterns, but you could also select ones on a more muted canvas. Look for patterns that complement the theme: Trees, flowers, stripes, swirls, and much more.

One search on Etsy and you’ll get a huge selection of these floor cushions to choose from. If you don’t like the circular ones, there are also square ones.

DIY Beaded Chandelier

Honestly, the DIY part isn’t mandatory. Chandeliers are defining parts of bohemian home décor, and many people opt for many different ones. You could go for the heavily embellished crystal ones that shine like a thousand warm light bulbs in your living one, or you could put on your crafting googles and make something for yourself. Doing it yourself is super fun and you get to put all your creative instincts to the use.

Beaded chandeliers are absolutely adorable and work in any room. Living space, bedroom, study corner – you name it, it’ll suit there. If beads aren’t your thing, you could try using faux shells, wooden bits, etc.

Like we said, there’s an opportunity for anything as long as you’re willing to take it. For a simpler version, you could simply bend the rods and place candles on the end. It looks as chic as ever, but if you give it a colorful coating, it satisfied the boho theme.

Bottom Line

That’s it! We hope these gave you some inspiration to really incorporate that boho chic charm into your home. At the end of the day, “more is more” is bohemian home décor, so don’t shy away experimenting and being unapologetically creative; unapologetically you! It doesn’t have to perfect. As long as it makes you feel all cozy and warm inside, the décor has achieved its purpose.

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